Traffic Sources for Websites in 2014

A recent study by BrightEdge confirms once again what we’ve known for years: Organic traffic drives traffic to websites. It can vary between 42% up to 73% of total traffic depending on your industry: Retail – 42% Hospitality – 49% Technology/ Internet 49% Media – 51% […]

9 Ways Hiring a PPC Manager Can Save You Money

Spend money to save money? It seems counter-intuitive but in many case it can be true. For example hiring a good Accountant can save you thousands on your tax return. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Managers are much the same way. Their skills and proven strategies mean that your […]

Do You Know How to Integrate SEO Into Your Business?

A new study by Econsultancy and SEMPO that surveyed over 400  companies, agencies and consultants is uncovering that SEO integration is becoming more common for many businesses: 45% of businesses highly integrate SEO and content marketing, another 43% somewhat integrate SEO with content marketing 55% […]

Growing Apples, Oranges and Potatoes – The Uncomplicated Explanation of Search Engine Marketing

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Since its advent over 17 years ago there has been a lot of confusion over how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really works and what its role in […]

The Big 3 Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2014

In today’s article we will discuss 3 big SEO buzzwords for 2014 that you simply can’t ignore any longer. Both the changes in Google ranking factors (aka its algorithm) and changes in the way people access the Internet make it critical that you at least understand, […]