New Website Speed Optimization Presentation

2 seconds. One-miss-is-sip-pi, two-miss-is-sip-pi. That is the tolerable wait time for a website to load. A recent study by analyzed websites ranking on the first three pages of results and found that on average, the Top 5 websites ranked loaded in less than 1.2 […]

Are You Losing 70% of Sales? How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

If current website sales are $10,000 per month and you can improve shopping cart abandonment rate by just 10% you would end up earning an additional $12,000 in sales for the year! In case you are new to this concept, the official shopping cart abandonment […]

6 Free Site Speed Test Tools You Need to Make Your Website Faster

Website speed is all the rage today. Did you know that in 2014 Site Speed was voted one of the top search ranking factors? Site speed contributes to a better user experience overall and hundreds of businesses are finding that as they make their website […]

EAT This! What We Can Learn from Google’s Leaked Quality Guidelines

Have you heard the news that the Google quality rating guidelines which is essentially a handbook used by Google employees to manually review websites was leaked to the public recently? The Google quality guidelines handbook gives us some very important clues as to how Google […]

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A Winning SEO Strategy from the Get-Go

Looks matter. But as all of our mothers told us as children, Never judge a book by its cover and It’s what’s inside that counts. Think about a house built without a solid foundation – it’s just waiting to blow down with the first change […]