Content Marketing Lessons from Popeye and Duck Dynasty

Many businesses seem mediocre because they don’t have the drive to engage. Log into Facebook and you’ll quickly see the trend that people consume content as images and videos. Statistics even show that images and YouTube searches are dominating interest and content consumption. The online […]

Do You Have a Set and Forget Outdated Website Design?

Do you remember these infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie? SET IT AND FORGET IT. The tagline is pretty genius for marketing an easy to use kitchen appliance. But are you using the” Set It and Forget It” mantra for your website? If you built your website […]

Time Management and Productivity Tips from Our Office to Yours

If you ask anyone working in an office what they wish they could do better a common answer is likely “be more productive” or “manage my time better.” No matter who you are there are only so many hours in your work day and we […]

9 Ways Hiring a PPC Manager Can Save You Money

Spend money to save money? It seems counter-intuitive but in many case it can be true. For example hiring a good Accountant can save you thousands on your tax return. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Managers are much the same way. Their skills and proven strategies mean that your […]

What Do Customers Want from Your Website?

Did you know that the first impression of a website is formed in less than 50 milliseconds? That means you have just 0.05 seconds to prove yourself. To most visitors your website isn’t just a website. It’s your company, your brand, your personality and often […]