Will You Adapt and Evolve With Google?

Do you ever read an article where you find yourself thinking, “I couldn’t have said it better!”? This Search Engine Land article written by Trond Lyngbø (Head of SEO at MediaCom Norway) caught my attention as I found myself agreeing, Yes, Yes, Yes. Lyngbø makes […]

Hot Website Trends for 2014 to Boost User Experience

What’s the point of blogging, Instagramming, posting to Facebook or even filming videos for YouTube if your website is lackluster? After all, your website should be the anchor for your online activities and all your online efforts come full swing back to your website where […]

Traffic Sources for Websites in 2014

A recent study by BrightEdge confirms once again what we’ve known for years: Organic traffic drives traffic to websites. It can vary between 42% up to 73% of total traffic depending on your industry: Retail – 42% Hospitality – 49% Technology/ Internet 49% Media – 51% […]

Your Go-To Killer Website Content Checklist

It happens so often in the workplace. You write a new blog post or page for your website, run it through spell check, then hit the submit button. Then you give it a once over when it is online and you find glaring errors or […]

How to Choose Relevant Keywords in 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to start choosing keywords? Does your list keep getting longer? Are you covering all your bases? Picking keywords isn’t a hard task or some magical formula. It is simply thinking about who you are, what you provide and where you provide it and […]