What I’ve Learned About Social Media

Recently a client forwarded us some interesting articles and thoughts on Social Marketing. The information included this statement that really stood out to me: People don’t want to talk about brands or companies, they want to gossip about their family and friends. What do you […]

The Newbie’s Guide: What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does it Work?

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just a buzz phrase you hear floating around the office among your colleagues? In this article our goal is to help you understand SEO better by explaining the fundamentals of how Search Engines work, what Search Engines need to rank […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bounce Rate

It is one of the most basic metrics used to measure user experience on a website and we’ve been using it for years. Do you know everything you need to about your bounce rate? In today’s post we’ve rounded up everything you need to know […]

Why is my website slow?

Website speed matters. In fact it is one of our main priorities when helping our clients optimize their websites. Site speed affects how well your website ranks, how much traffic you get from the Search Engines and how your visitors engage on the website. Ultimately, […]

Do Rotating Banners Hurt Website Usability and Create Distrust?

Do you use a rotating banner on your website? Then recent research by Stanford University may be of interest to you. Stanford University researchers have just released a study showing the effects of rotating banners and website popularity. It is not the glowing report that […]